April LinkUp (not) from a Narrowboat

Here I am again with a monthly link up with A Chronic Voice.  As always, these prompts often ‘allow’ me to write a few things that don’t make a whole blog, but feel good to talk about. 


I could cop out of this and just say ‘see previous blog’…returning to the part of the canal system we are near now was not something we were planning to do for another two months, let alone move in with the mother-in-law! Not that we have, really; essentially we have a bedsit type arrangement next door to her so we are able to isolate until we are 14 days clear of the last time we were around other people. Compared to others returning – or not able to – from much further afield, it’s not much of a hardship. I was, however, looking forward to spring on the boat especially as last spring was my first and I was hoping to be able to appreciate it without feeling so overwhelmed this time. Such is life.


I’ve seen some suggestions that the general population might have some understanding, now, ‘thanks’ to COVID-19, of what it’s like to have a chronic illness because we’re all less able to leave the house. Sure, this is a big change and adjustment and no doubt not easy. But as a comparison? No, I’m not having it and so I’m suggesting this as an understatement. Chronic illness can happen just as suddenly to folk, and there is no ‘in it together’ feeling like there is now. And then of course while you’re in your home, there’s generally no chance of having fun with a Joe Wicks workout every day or deciding to deep clean each room just because you’re bored. 


I feel like I’ve spent the last year distancing myself from others in an effort to suppress migraine symptoms (however sad that has made me) and now everyone is doing it! Video calls with my family tend to be shorter than meetups and are less intense which I find easier to manage, but I miss stopping to talk to people on the towpath. We’re next door to Tom’s Mum but until we’re 14 days clear of being in contact with others we’re keeping our distance, sending messages via our phones or paper. The distance doesn’t stop her making us baked treats though so bread and quiches have been coming our way quite regularly and I’m not complaining in the slightest.


Looking back now I can see how much life on a narrow boat and how much slowing down my life in general has allowed me to stress less. There were times in a two week period recently where I did stress, but it was manageable. It was mostly about my family and then came out as not sleeping, thinking about ghee recent move. I’m so grateful for what my life has taught me and especially Tom for showing me this alternative way of living, so I am able to stress less than I used to, even in this times of high stress.


At the end of last month we had a plan to go out to eat some Dim Sum in a picturesque market town to celebrate my birthday. We normally spend our time in the middle of the countryside so it would have been something a bit different. After a couple of days rest we might have also gone round the undoubtedly well-stocked charity shops, something I was particularly looking forward to. None of this was to be and we ended up 50 miles away on the canal system, self-isolating as much as possible. We walked across fields with the dogs and ate my take on Tom Yum soup with chocolate Christmas cake for pudding. It wasn’t the plan, but it was still my kind of day.

That’s it from me for now, please do have a look at some linkups from other fabulous bloggers (scroll down to below the prompts) and you will hear more from me in a week or two. As always, comments below are welcomed.


  1. Hi Naomi, sorry you’ve had to leave your boat this month due to the coronavirus situation. Must be a big change once again! I hope you’re keeping safe regardless, and sending lots of love!

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  2. Found your blog through the Chronic Voice link-up. I really felt the understatement one – the only close connection I’ve seen is all the bizarre preventions and cures I’ve seen flying around (least weird, but if regular tea drinking was the magic so many are proposing, I don’t think the UK would be struggling so much!). Lovely post, thank you for sharing.

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  3. Hello for another month, Naomi, I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well. So sorry that you have had to leave the comfort of your narrowboat, and wish that you are able to return soon. And hope you are enjoying the delicious and bread and quiche being delivered to you – perfect comfort food! Take care!

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    1. Thanks Rhiann! All safe here thankyou. Very much enjoying comfort but hope to be back soon within a couple of months . Take care yourself 🙂


  4. Naomi – thank you so much for sharing! I agree that being quarantine due to COVID-19 is nothing like becoming disabled, but I’m hoping that it may help abled folks grow a little more empathy towards us, as now they have a (very limited) bit of an understanding of stresses beyond your control keeping you stuck and unable to do the things you want to do.

    So sorry that you and Tom have had to leave your narrowboat for the time, but it seems like everybody’s having to make various adjustments and sacrifices in their lives during this time.

    Glad to hear that you’re getting love (in the form of baked goodies) from your nearby family and hope that you and your family are able to weather COVID19 without losing anybody. Thinking of you!

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  5. Hi Naomi. I feel like it took forever to get through the other entries before coming to your site. I’m just going to come here FIRST next time. I’m nosy, so of course I checked out your previous blog post. It has been a while since I’ve visited, and I’m so sorry to read about what you’re going through. In regards to this post – ALL OF IT!

    This: “Chronic illness can happen just as suddenly to folk, and there is no ‘in it together’ feeling like there is now.” 100% YES.

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    1. Hey no worries, I’m the same with the entries once I’ve posted… and then I often forget to go back!
      It’s a change but to be honest it’s been pretty sweet &I’ve managed to be the most well in a fixed location as I ever have since this life started.
      Glad you felt agree 🤗


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