A year of blogging

I had it in mind to do some kind of reflection a year into writing this blog, and then the pandemic got me all out of sync. So, it’s a little after a year and this will be my 38th blog published on here, plus I’ve done one guest blog for Chris’s Cancer Community, one for Canal and River Trust and one about to be published for What if Life were meant to be Easy?.

I think I started these partly after making the decision to move in with Tom on his narrow boat, because I felt I should have something ‘to do’; some activity to give life meaning after chronic migraine had ripped away so much of it. I still had (and luckily, still do) a few hours of work I could do from the boat but I was otherwise able to give in to every tantrum my health threw at me which, unlike a child, was just what was needed. 

It was hard to know whether I would still be writing this, a year or so later on. And I definitely couldn’t have imagined writing about a new business venture between me and Tom, let alone lots of folk who read this blog engaging with the business and in that, helping to get it going – so thankyou everyone!

I had some ideas of writing about the choices which led to this ‘new life’ being right option for me. But, as my friends in Derbyshire know, sticking to a strict format is not always the right answer for telling stories. 

Instead I have written about mental health, love, migraine, acceptance, dogs, Christmas and more, all generally overlaid with living on a narrowboat.

As a very short review, here are the top five most viewed in this year and a bit:

  1. Gee I really love you and we’re, gonna…

No real surprises that you’re all interested in romance!

  1. F.E.A.R 

This one I wrote just after attending my sister’s wedding which meant fighting a lot of my health fears. 

  1. Back to the start again, I go

Some reflections on travelling and challenges as I returned to ‘home turf’.

  1. Everybody hurts, sometimes

I feel like this could be my favourite blog. I say ‘feel’ because although I haven’t re-read it, I just have this echo of a memory of feeling very ‘right’ about it.

  1. Link up with A Chronic Voice: Friends, Food and Future

I’m happy to see one of the Linkup blogs (which Sheryl from A Chronic Voice hosts) got into the top 5. I have written 10 of these and they give me a sense of community within the blogging/chronic illness world. 

Thank you to every one of the views, likes, comments, shares and general words of encouragement I’ve been given in the last year. Here’s to another year!


  1. Thanks for yor latest blog. It’s amazing how much you’ve achieved in the variety and scope of your writing and of course they’re all of great interest to me. Hope the next year will be as productive.

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  2. Wooop, Happy Bloggiversary! Very glad to have you in the blogging world and I think you’ve done well in diversifying the content and getting away from feeling boxed in by a strict structure, capturing the sorts of topics you want while putting it within the ‘life on a narrowboat’ niche. And wow, you’ve done a lot of Sheryl’s link ups, well done. I’m going to try to do next month’s (I always say this and very rarely manage it!) Here’s to lots more happy blogging 🎉

    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks Caz! That’s so lovely to hear. It’s not always easy to feel like I’ve got the balance quite right but overall I’m happy. I’m also surprised at how many I’ve managed- think I’ve been a bit more dedicated as time has gone on and i feel more confused about wiring my own title haha.
      Hope you see you here next month :)x

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